political interlude

Today’s post is short on my comments: any American voters out there should check out Obama’s and Romney’s views on science.  Both were asked a series of questions by Scientific American, and surprisingly, both responded.  (Or, the cynic would say, both have enough underlings that someone wrote up something for them.)  I found both Obama and Romney refreshingly well-informed on the scientific issues of the day, though Romney of course kowtows to the Republican anti-climate-change positions.  I also thought Romney punted a bit on the question about fresh water (#8), omitting any discussion of the issues around water scarcity.  To be fair, Obama merely mentioned water conservation measures, rather than broad public policies, and neither was willing to bring up the actual amount of water infrastructure our country needs at the moment (the American Water Works Association estimates over $1 trillion through 2035).

That said, I’ll leave you to read and form your own opinions about the candidates.  I won’t endorse either one here, but I will endorse that each of you is an informed voter.

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