getting your feet wet

Just a quick heads up for anyone out there who is new to the water realm: the Nature Conservancy has produced a cool interactive map with the major water sources and watersheds for California.  You can’t try every city in the state, but you can get a good sense, at least for the big cities not in the Central Valley.  The Nature Conservancy highlights how little of our watersheds are protected from development, to keep our water sources clean, and they’d love you to give them money to keep protecting watersheds, mainly by buying up land in critical areas.  I’m not endorsing them in any manner, but it only seems fair to let you know their angle up front.

This should give a good overview of the major water sources in California.  I hope to begin some posts about Californian water supplies — the background, the shortage, and the proposals out there at the moment — in the next week or two.


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