happy 2013!

Dear readers,

Welcome to the new year! I unfortunately started the new year with a bout of strep throat that ran rampant through our office over the holidays, but I’m nearly 100% again, and ready to get back to writing!  I’ll start off the year with a quick follow-up to my last post of 2012, on the geochemistry of carbon capture and sequestration.



My favorite journal, Environmental Science and Technology, has started off 2013 with a special issue entitled, “Environmental and Geochemical Aspects of Geologic Carbon Sequestration.”  ES&T has a running policy to open each year with a special issue, freely available to the public.  So take a look at the Table of Contents and read what the top environmental scientists and engineers have to say about long-term carbon storage in geological formations!  (Props to my undergrad advisor, Dan Giammar at Washington University in St. Louis, for co-editing this special issue.)

Of note, the opening letter from the co-editors has an overview of the technical geochemical issues of carbon storage.  They identify gaps such as “the rates and mechanisms of key geochemical reactions and their impacts on carbon storage performance, the multiphase reactive transport of CO2, and the management of environmental risks.”  I agree completely, and this issue is a great step in the right direction.

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