the lemmings have arrived

Today’s news includes a tidbit from Humboldt, California.  The Humboldt Waste Management Authority is embarking on a food-waste-to-methane project, with a pilot project starting this week and full scale requests for proposals to begin in May.  Besides removing food wastes from landfills, the project will cut fuel costs associated with shipping to the landfills in Redding and Medford, and it even has potential to generate enough energy to be sold back to the grid.  Sound eerily familiar?  That’s because EBMUD just announced its net energy generation from an identical project last week.  It is a good sign that other waste management utilities in the state are following EBMUD’s lead.  Plus, if the economics of the energy generation work out, these waste utilities might have to start answering to their customers as to why they have not implemented this kind of energy- and cost-saving project.